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Welcome to the BMC TrueSight Pulse API documentation! We've tried to make this API as easy to use as possible. With this API you will be perform actions such as:

To the right is a breakdown of the API currently available. All methods consist of an HTTP request verb and endpoint. Requests and responses are formatted as JSON. Click on any method for more information.


All methods require basic authentication using the email and API Key associated with your account. Both of these can be found on the Accout tab of your Settings dialog.

For example, say you were interesting in viewing the metrics in your account. Using CURL from the command line would look like this:

curl \
-X GET \
-u <email>:<api-key>


For all successfull method calls you will receive HTTP status code 200 (OK) along with the JSON result. In the case there is no response you will receive:

   "result": {
      "success": true

Some other standard HTTP response codes you could receive include: